Instructor Highlight: Jordan Karstens

By Philip Ballew
August 15, 2018

What is your role at ThoughtSTEM?
My title is instructor, but I have a few different roles. I was just an instructor for a while, and now I am monitoring classes making sure they go well from the ThoughtSTEM offices. Though over summer, I have been helping run the classes at our summer camps. It’s been super exciting for me because I get to interact with the kids for a longer period during the day, whereas after-school programs are much shorter.

What makes you enjoy what you do here?
Working with the kids. When I show up to work, I feel happy because I get to make a difference in kid’s lives. It’s honestly one of my favorite things I have ever done. It’s amazing to see the progress kids make in a week. What I love even more is seeing a student I once had in a class come back, and see the skills they have learned since we last met.

In addition. I feel we have a welcoming environment here. I can ask Lindsey anything. I love working at a place that is supportive of me growing in my career, as well as growing as a person.

What exciting and memorable events can you talk about when you were working with thoughtSTEM?
I was supposed to work one day in the week at the Fleet Science Center. A student and I bonded on the first day, and sadly I was not able to be there Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. However when I showed back up on Friday, he was overjoyed to see me. It made me realize that these kids look up to us and who we are. It has stuck with me.

What more can you tell me about yourself? (i.e. family, leisure activities, sports, accomplishments etc.)
I live in Spring Valley with my family, who I love. I feel a connection to my family as we have been through a lot together. For fun, I really enjoy my group of friends, and going out on the weekends to try new food and restaurants. I enjoy hanging out with friends in my community!