Parents’ role in coding education

By stephenrfoster
April 04, 2018

I had my first coding lesson in Kindergarten in the early 90s.  My first coding teacher didn’t have a degree in computer science.  In fact, she didn’t know much more than I did.  She was my mom, and she taught herself while she taught me.

We had a book.  I think it was this one:

We wrote our first programs on our first home computer.  One of these:

I remember learning about loops and if-statments.  I made text-based adventure games and animations.  It’s all the same stuff that I teach kids today.

It’s safe to say I wouldn’t have a Ph.D. in computer science today if it weren’t for those early lessons.  And this brings me to my main point:

Getting involved in your child’s coding education is the single most important thing you can do if you want to encourage your child’s interest in coding.