Sonny! He helps make the tech your students work on.

By Philip Ballew
March 13, 2019


If you haven’t met Sonny, you’re missing out. Sonny is one of the people at ThoughtSTEM who builds the curriculum your student’s use. In addition, he is a great person and cool individual to hang out with. I sat down with Sonny recently and got to talk about what makes him unique both here at work, but as a person overall.

What is your role at ThoughtSTEM?

Curriculum Developer and after school program instructor. Largely speaking, I help set up the curriculum for students to learn with. In addition, I am in charge of all of our hardware. If a laptop is at a school, I know about it.

What initially got you involved with STEM education?

I used to tutor my family in math and science and I really enjoyed that. When I started working at ThoughtSTEM, it was a similar experience. At the end of the day, what keeps me here is the feeling of helping people.

What are your goals with your job you have now?

I love learning new skills. With this job, I have the ability to learn at a pace I can enjoy as well as be with people I love. I want this job to be a a place where I am friends with the people I work with, and I think that is what I have here.

How has the STEM industry changed since you got involved in it?

Options. We used to just have options in more wealthy areas of San Diego, and we are now able to put this tech in areas of multiple socioeconomic statuses. I like being able to go to different parts of San Diego and teach kids the skills I learned, because I see these skills as valuable to their growth in life.

Where do you hope to see it go?

I want to see it take us to a place where there is a lower bar to get into STEM fields through the education we have. At ThoughtSTEM, we are expanding our locations to meet the needs of many areas in San Diego county and I want to see that expanded even more.

What do you enjoy about working at ThoughtSTEM most?

The kids. What I think is interesting is seeing how kids from multiple sessions learn as I see them come to class over and over. I remember seeing some students start our programs several years ago, and then I see them later at another classes. Seeing them improve their coding skills makes me really happy.

When you’re not working at ThoughtSTEM, what do you do for fun?

I have a lot of family that lives in the area I like to spend time with. I consider myself a family person, so spending time with them has helped me. Me and my wife love going out and eating food together at new places near our home. Anything involving my close friends and family is really what keeps me going.